Apparel Printing Techniques

There are a number of different types of apparel printing techniques. One of these methods is known as screen printing. Screen printing involves creating a stencil for a design. After designing the design, a screen is placed over the stencil and ink is applied to the shirt. The screen is manually pressed to press the ink through the screen, onto the fabric. This process involves several prep steps, but it can give your finished design a unique look. Another option is sublimation printing, which uses special ink to transfer your image onto the garment.

If you want your design to look completely unique and recognizable, consider using a hybrid printing technique. This printing process combines the advantages of screen printing and DTG printing into one process. This hybrid printing method utilizes both methods, allowing you to have shorter production times and a greater level of customization. This method works best for short-to-medium-run apparel and custom designs. It’s a great choice for on-demand apparel companies and entertainment merchandise brands.

DTG printing allows for a wider variety of fabrics than screen printing. However, 100% cotton is still the most popular option for DTG printing. While some newer systems have the ability to print on other types of fabrics, they aren’t as popular in the apparel printing industry as traditional methods. In addition, the DTG is not as effective on polyester and moisture-wicking fabrics. Furthermore, it can have problems with color due to dye migration.

Direct-to-garment printing (DTG) uses a special ink to print on fabric. This process produces a durable print. With this method, you can print as many colors as you want on one shirt, and you can even mix and match the colors for your design. This method also allows for infinite designs, which saves time and allows you to be more creative with your designs.

Screen printing is an old-fashioned technique wherein the printer pushes plastic-based ink through a mesh. It is the most popular method of custom apparel printing and is still the cheapest if you order in bulk. However, screen printing can be costly if you order smaller quantities. This method usually requires a minimum order. For more details visit Tacoma printing the best printing company in Tacoma.