Bathroom Remodeling – How Long Should You Spend on Remodeling?

If you’ve thought about getting a new bathroom in your home, consider an easy home remodel in your Annandale MD condo. In fact, bath remodeling is now the second most popular home improvement projects on the long list of many Annandale MD homeowners. In addition, whether you’re planning to move to a new home or just redecorating, a beautiful and well done custom bathroom is among the top selling points that will help get your home sold even quicker.

Why do so many people like to undertake easy home remodeling projects in their homes? There are several reasons. The most obvious reason, and perhaps the biggest reason, is that it’s a lot less expensive than building an entirely new bathroom. It can also be less time consuming than, for example, adding a new deck or exterior porch. There are several other benefits to bathroom remodeling projects, including saving money by avoiding installation costs and labor (if applicable), saving time by avoiding re-doing portions of your bathroom when its current dimensions don’t allow for changes that will make the room more useful and appealing.

Bathroom remodeling begins with determining exactly what you want to accomplish. This will usually involve deciding whether you’d rather install new fixtures in your existing bathroom design, or add an entire floor or wall to the project. You may also have to decide whether you’d prefer to replace or install new shower systems, faucets, countertops, bathroom cabinets, lights, toilets, water heaters and sinks, among other things. Even if you aren’t sure what all you want to change or do, it’s always helpful to talk to a remodeling professional who can make recommendations that will benefit your needs.

Once you’ve determined exactly what aspects of your bathroom need to be remodeled, it’s time to begin searching for professionals willing to help. While it’s possible to do some of this yourself if you’re comfortable doing so, most people find that a small renovation like installing new cabinet doors, changing bathtub fixtures or installing a new shower is far too daunting a task for the average homeowner. Bathroom remodeling professionals are trained and experienced to accomplish the work needed without going over budget or hurting the quality of your finished product. The easiest way to locate qualified professionals is by word of mouth. Ask friends and family members for referrals to local remodelers, and look for online reviews of specific businesses.

Once you’ve found a handful of prospective contractors, the next step will be to discuss the scope of their services. Look over pictures of their completed projects to get a feel for how their team handles each stage of the project, and ask them for a list of references from previous customers. A great contractor won’t only provide you with an accurate cost estimate; he will also be available to talk about the process in detail and answer any questions you might have. If your contractor won’t be available to come to your home to assess your work until after the job is completed, that’s a good sign that he might not be as skilled as he claims to be.

Once you’ve chosen the right contractor, it’s time to talk price. Estimate the cost of materials in advance and factor in the extra time it will take for the remodel to complete. This calculation will help you compare prices offered by different contractors. It’s a good idea to get at least two estimates when working with a remodeler you can get one in your hometown and another from an online company. If a contractor refuses to offer you a price for your desired completion date in advance, move on to the next one. The more time you can give a remodeler, the more likely you’ll get the lowest price possible.