The Impact Window Replacement Kits

Fortunately, there is a way to make sure your home will stand the test of the next major hurricane: by reinforcing its weakest link – its windows – with an impact-window replacement kit. Impact windows can endure even the most extreme pressure changes, which would otherwise crush the average vinyl or fiberglass windows.

An impact-window replacement kit has two main components: the window itself and a “wind guard,” which are installed on top of the frame. The window’s frames are typically constructed of either vinyl-coated steel, both of which are very durable. Wind guards are made of plastic or fiberglass, which are also extremely resilient but easily damaged by the wind. The best way to prevent the damage from these damages is to install an impact window replacement kit with a “wind guard” on top of the frame.

Some impact window replacement kits include a cover for the frame, which will not only make the windows more resistant to wind, but also protect them from rain, too. The “wind guard” can come in various colors and designs. Some kits are meant to cover only the left-hand and right-hand frames, while others are meant to completely cover the entire room. This is important, as a strong wind can easily knock out a wind guard.

Before purchasing any impact window and door replacement kit, you should first figure out how strong your current windows are. If the frame is strong, the “wind guard” is less likely to be damaged by high winds. However, if your frame isn’t very strong, you may have to replace it before you purchase the impact window replacement kit. A strong frame means that your wind guard won’t be torn apart by strong winds.

Wind guards can be installed just about anywhere, but you must ensure that they are installed properly and placed over the outside part of the frame. If the wind guard is not installed properly, the wind can get inside the house and damage things, like furniture. If you are uncertain whether or not your wind guard should go with the window replacement window, consult an expert to make sure it is installed correctly.

You should also decide where to put the impact window replacement kit. It is important that the kit is placed at a level with the front of the house, so that it doesn’t obstruct views of the sun when the wind is blowing. In addition, the kit must be positioned near a window with a view to the street. If the kit is too high up, it may actually cause wind to blow the wind guard away from the window. Visit for a quality durable and beautiful impact window and door.